HexDragon, created by Nero Games, is an abstract strategy game for 1-4 players from 8 years up, takes up to 30 minutes in real life and ~60 minutes online. The core mechanic revolves around connecting tangled dragon bodies.

The goal of the game is to score the most points among the players.


  • Game starts with a 6-tailed piece in the center.
  • Everyone gets 3 body tiles, 3 head tiles and a star token of their own color.


Players take turns putting 1 of their tiles anywhere on the board, or using the star token to reserve a place for some of their later turns.

  • After placing a body tile, draw another body tile from the pile.
  • After placing a head tile, you don't draw another.

Or you can place your star token instead, which reserves the spot for you. The star token can be used only once per game.


Points are awarded for connections of 4 different kinds:

  • Dragon is a head-to-tail connection, scores 1 point for each tile it passes, including the ends and repeatedly passed tiles.
  • Double Dragon is a head-to-head connection, scores twice as much as a Dragon. If the heads belong to different players, they divide the points between them.
  • Worm is a tail-to-tail connection, scores 1 point.
  • Loop is a body closed on itself with no tail or head, scores 1 point.

Dragons score points for players depending on the color of their heads. Loops and worms score for whoever closes them.

Game end

The game ends, when the whole board is full or the players agree no one can score another point. The player with most points wins the game.

Useful shortcuts

F - flip a tile or increase a counter

R - rotate a tile 60°

Q E - rotate camera

0 - to reset camera



You can read the original rules here: Hexdragon Rules PDF