Gumshoe Gumpshun

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Gumshoe Gumpshun

Players: 3 to 5        Time: 20 Ages: 12+

20 cards:  10 locations [shown twice]   4 Thugs [shown 5 times]
14 coins (needed)      1 tracking Mat 1 rule book

Set up
Place 14 small coins head up near the mat in the center of the table.

Investigate all the locations and Thugs at least once. Insure the correct thug and correct location are suspected. Don’t over investigate (5 times).

Prep Deck
There are 2 rounds in the game. Shuffle and deal face down one card above the mat as “The Solution” and one card left of the mat as unknown to be swapped in round 2 (show the extra cards and mark the location side as investigated then set it far left of the mat.). Add in the 2 duel thug cards and Mob, then shuffle. Deal out the deck.

In A Turn
Players will carefully submit a card face down so that the investigated side is pointing up toward the mat. The leader will Shuffle submitted cards face down, side to side to retain the direction they were pointing. flip each card side to side NOT end over end. All sides pointing at the mat are investigated once. Move the matching tracking coins up one. The investigated card far left is also suspected, so flip it’s tracking coin to the tails side (checked). The investigated far right card’s top action activates. If the card is empty, no action.

Card Actions
DON - Rotate one card MAC - Move any tracking marker -1
WEEZER - Suspect 1 extra BUTCH - Investigate any +1

How to win
Visit all locations and visited and thugs are investigated at least once
Thug and Location must be suspected. (set left)

Ways to lose
A single Thug or Location is uninvestigated
Solution: the correct Thug and Location are not suspected
A non crime scene location is investigated 5 times… FIRED for loitering (wasted time)
An innocent Thug is investigated 5 times.... Depo is Sued for harassment
Call out the traitor and it’s not them

Call out Traitor
If you successfully call out the traitor. They still play. But Can’t lead. If they are not the traitor the game ends.

When you give a card per round. Make sure to flip the card face down first before dragging it out of your hand box.