Corrugated Jungle (solo)

@Sirbob / CorrugatedJungle

Player 1-2 Ages 12+ Time 40 minutes

How to Play (Solo Video)

PFD Rules


Welcome to the Jungle, Build and recycle Cardboard Animals To become king of the Jungle.

2 player game: Race to build 9 animals first to win the game
Solo: Play enough cards to recycle 9 animals twice to win the game.

44 Cardboard Animals
8 Cover cards. Used to cover your Cardboard value, cut, and paste actions

Shuffle the Deck and Draw 5 cards Play 3 of them in any qualifying resource position. Cut Action, Paste Action, Cardboard Value. Set a cover just below the card draw back to 5 cards.

Resource Locations
Paste is orange glue on the back of a card it goes sideways top left. Cut is a blue card back [4 actions per] set it sideways bottom left. Cardboard value are on most card bottoms, set it sideways far right. There are 9 animal locations in between them
Whoever was the last to have seen an animal in their hand goes first. If the same time then, Youngest goes first, if twins that were removed through c-section at the very same moment in time then draw from the deck highest card goes first. If you draw the same value card then repeat until you don’t epicly FAIL.

Turn Order
Draw up to 5 cards from the deck. You MAY play up to 2 cards in 4 locations.
1,2. Cut or Paste Actions (2 max per each)      
3.  Cardboard value (2 max, Monkey can be a 3rd)
4. Build an Animals Card       SOLO MODE:  no 2 card limit, just fill your hand to 5 as needed.
You may run 1 built animal action per turn.

Creating Resources
There are 2 Actions Cut and Paste [left], they are applied to a Cardboard value [right]. Cover one Action and one Cardboard value [one to one] to gather animal build resources. If you don’t have enough to build, cover another action and cardboard value and add it together. You MUST cover over cardboard value sequentially (no skipping, zeros cost an action). You can stagger when you apply cut and paste to cardboard so as to not waste. When a cut, paste, or cardboard value is covered discard the card.

How to Create a Resource Value
Splaying closed a cover (top) over an action (bottom) will offer you the right to apply a cardboard value to it. First close one action then one Cardboard Value to create a type + Numeric Value. Values can NOT be jumped over you must apply a cut/paste action to them. Actions can’t be removed for the same reason it MUST be applied to cardboard.
Restated: you can not jump or remove played resources.

[PO] Pecking Order 
Built animals must obey the numeric order located in the top right corner of the card. In the grid of 9 build locations (center), there are 2 locations to build between resources. Top left (100) and bottom right (zero)  Build animals small bottom right and biggest top left. Then build the next animal adjacent When you hit the middle row build adjacent windshield wiper style [see image]. Numeric [PO] value must be sequential.