Okay, let’s play this game!

You have a deck full of pugs! They are cute, and so good to cuddle. You want them all, don’t you? Of course you do. But there are too many pugs for any rational person to be able to carry at once, so you make the only logical decision: you must put them all into giant mugs.

The victor is the envy of all their friends by having a pug-filled mug of each pattern.

Screentop Controls

Setup - Online Edition

  1. Shuffle the Draw Deck.

  2. Deal each player 2 cards.

  3. Begin play! The first player is the last one to have stroked an animal! The game continues from them in a clockwise direction around the rest of the players.

Player’s turn

Oh my goodness! It’s your turn! But calm down, you have two actions, so choose wisely. Any more and the pugs won’t keep up!

You can choose any of the following actions, and even do the same one twice, provided you have the right cards:

  • Draw a card - Take a single card from the top of the draw deck and add it to your hand. If there are no cards left, first shuffle the discard pile thoroughly and replace it as the draw deck!

  • Play an Action card - Reveal an Action card from your hand! Do the action on the card and then place the Action card in the discard pile.

  • Put Pugs in a Mug - Take three pugs of the same pattern from your hand and exchange them for a mug of a matching pattern, choosing which pug you want on top! Place your Mug in front of you, where you can admire it often. The cards you exchanged for it go into the discard pile. No taking more than one mug of the same pattern, though! That would be rude.

  • Steal a Mug - You may discard one pug card of every pattern from your hand, distracting another player with such a varied display of adorableness so that you may steal one of their Mugs. Of course, it cannot be a Mug with a pattern you already have, or the final Mug you need to win the game!

End your turn

Once both actions have been played, check your hand to see how many cards you are holding. Pugs are a handful and there are only so many you can safely hold at once… If you have more than five, you must immediately discard cards of your choice until only five remain!

Did you enjoy this game?

We are Stop, Drop and Roll: a board games publisher specialising in games that are as easy to pick up as they are fun to play! Pugs in Mugs was our first game, and a much beloved staple of our community focused on social and collaborative board game design. If this sounds like it’d be fun, or if you grab a physical real life copy of Pugs in Mugs, swing by our website at http://sdrgames.studio or come and talk to us about your questions or experience on our Discord Channel!