Welcome and thank you for playing Earth Rising!

At the link below is the digital edition of our rules.

Earth Rising - Rules of Play

We're working hard on making them perfect, so if you have any difficulties or confusion during play, it is incredibly important you let us know at hello@sdrgames.studio so we can make it as accessible as possible.

Otherwise, have a great time and do your best together to transform and save our world!

If you enjoy the game, check out our Kickstarter page and help us make it a reality, and one day play the game on your physical table!

Screentop - One person clicks 'Play Game' and then sends that URL to all other players, ie. so you are all in the same game. Use Discord, Zoom, Google Meet etc for in game voice chat. Screentop Controls

Select All in selected deck: Ctrl+A (Don't use on Strain Counters); Shuffle selected deck: Z; Examine Card: Space; Flip Card/Counter: F; Select +1 of same item: Shift+Click; Zoom in/out - +/- symbols bottom right of screen. [Start by zooming out so you can see the whole board and then select a seat on the left (white arrows) to interact with the pieces - you can always switch places later]

Full Screentop Controls Page