Reflections in the Looking Glass

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Reflections in the Looking Glass

by J. Ryan Opp - for 2 players

Art by Wilfred Dajotoy

Coming to Kickstarter soon!

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Reflections in the Looking Glass is a 2-player abstract card game set in Lewis Carol’s Wonderland (from the books, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass). It is coming to Kickstarter soon!

You face your reflection in the magic looking glass. That’s your opponent. You are trying to determine which of you is real, and which is merely an imitation made of reflected light. The adventurer who can navigate Wonderland by setting off boldly in one direction or the other is the real one, while the other merely bumbles around in circles aimlessly. Wonderland’s famous characters will show you the path to victory if you interact with them the proper number of times. Can you successfully traverse this whimsical world?

Object - Have the highest absolute score at the end of the round. That is, the score furthest from 0. Win the best 3 out of 5 rounds.

Setup - Give each player a scoring reference card. Remove the 5 mirror configuration cards and randomly choose one. Shuffle the character cards and deal them face up in the configuration shown, with the tops of the cards oriented toward the center line of the mirror. With the remaining 12 cards, deal 4 face down to each player and remove the other 4 from play without looking at them. The players may look at their own hand of 4 cards. Choose a player to go first and alternate first player in subsequent rounds.

Gameplay - Taking turns, a player may select and keep any character card that is completely uncovered by other cards. The opponent must take the "reflection" card that is directly across the mirror in the same position as the chosen card. Both of these cards are placed in the respective player's score piles in front of them, which are organized in up to 10 stacks according to each different character.

End of the Round - After each player has taken 7 turns, the mirror will be empty. The players add the 4 cards in their hands to the appropriate score piles in front of them. Each pile of characters will score separately for the players and then will be added together. Consult the scoring charts to determine the scores based on how many characters have been collected, and whether they are on the day team or night team. Note that it will often be possible to cancel multiple piles to 0 for easier scoring. The player with the highest absolute score is the winner and takes the mirror card. Tie goes to the player that went first. Play multiple rounds to the first player to collect 3 mirror cards.

Screentop Considerations - The Screentop version has 5 surfaces, one for each Mirror setup, so you don't have to clean up after each round. Remember to press 1-5 to switch between surfaces. There are Mirror cards on Surface 1 so that you can still randomize the order in which you play the rounds.