The Fairy Ring

@RyTracer / fairyring

The Fairy Ring, by J. Ryan Opp, is a 3-6 player game that takes about 17 minutes per player, ages 13 and up.

The rules and other helpful documents can be found here. Note that the Almanac is pretty outdated and unnecessary.

This is a prototype. You can take a stab at learning it yourself, but you will enjoy yourself more if you play with me the designer. Feel free to contact me at for a demo. You can also join this Facebook group to talk about it. I'm also on Discord: RyTracer#7606.

Screentop considerations:

Be sure to throw away some mushrooms of each color for the proper player count.

The purple magic area can be shuffled for your random draws, and then the magic flipped over to see what you get.

The main board can be rotated by incrementing it.

Each player board has 3 counters stuck to it. The top one can be set as a handy income reference based on your powers (starts at 2, minimum 1, maximum 3). The other 2 are decimal counters you can use at the end to tally up your score.

Everything else should be somewhat intuitive if you’ve played or understand the rules, but feel free to email me questions and comments.