Thank you so much for checking out this preview of City of Winter. I'd love to hear what you think and answer your questions. Please share your experiences with the hashtag #cityofwinter.

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Included in this Demo:

  1. River Scroll
  2. Ox, Heron, Lion, and Umbra Traditions
  3. Tokens (line art versions)

Not Included in this Demo

  1. Traditions of the City
  2. Draft of City Map

Download the Rules

  • Key Commands
  • Camera Pan = WASD
  • Camera Zoom = +-
  • Flip Card = F
  • Shuffle Deck = Z
  • Select a Deck = Double Click
  • Move Card to Bottom of deck = ]
  • Each seat has their own hidden hand area that can be moved around

Screentop Full Controls



  • Added the Traditions of the Winterlands (Lantern Crows and Glowdogs) These Traditions may be played as local traditions in the Winterlands or in the City.
  • Fixed Lion and Heron names lists (they were swapped in V1)

Published by Heart of the Deernicorn