TBH | To Be Honest | by Cut.com

@CutGames / TBH

Welcome to TBH! This is a basic version of the game you can play online with your friends.

Once you click Play, this site will generate a unique game session for you.

Copy and paste the web address to your friends, so they can join you in the same game. You'll need your own video chat (use Zoom or whatever you want).

Or, you can play IRL! Each person just needs to visit the site using their own laptop. (This site isn't great on mobile, sadly.)

Playing the game

  • You can read the full game rules as a PDF here: Link

  • You can also watch a quick how-to-play video at: cut.com/tbh-rules.

  • A quick refresher on the rules is also included in the online game itself, once you click Play.

This online version contains enough unique cards to play several full games. Our full edition (on Kickstarter through April 30, 2021) contains over 360 unique cards.

Enjoy playing TBH!