Screentop is DESKTOP ONLY. You cannot play on mobile.

Table Top Simulator mod also available for free here

To play, simply click “Play”. This will launch a new room with a unique room id just for you. Copy and paste your URL and send it to your friend. Anyone that uses your room’s url will join your room and be able to play with you!

To start, click the “Join” button in the bottom. Red and Blue seats are for the Red and Blue players respectively. The Gray seat is for spectators.

How To Play video - Read the Rulebook

This is an open beta. Graphics are still mostly WIPs or complete placeholders.

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Welcome to the Fire Emblem Tabletop Fan Project: Anna's Roundtable!

Anna's Roundtable is a 45 to 60 minute turn based 1 v 1 tactical board game.

Each player takes on the role of a commander, drawing a hand of 6 unit cards from a shared deck of over 190 cards illustrated by over 100 fan artists. You and your opponent will take turns deploying and maneuvering your units in order to capture map objectives and defeat enemy units. Along the way, you'll also buy and use cards from Anna's Shop, manipulate the map using Dragon Veins, and leverage the power of the classic weapon triangle.

Will you come out ahead as the superior commander? Or just a stepping stone for your opponent's story?

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Latest Updates:

V4.12.2 - (Cards Regen)
Rules Change
- VP Tokens running out triggers game ending (rare, but a safeguard)
Map as had the Water and Mountain tiles swapped
Physic assist tag has been slightly buffed to heal 3 HP at range 1
Several Anna's Shop cards have been re-flavored or buffed
A few healing skills have been slightly buffed