Frequently Asked Questions


Is Screentop free to use?

Screentop is completely free to use right now, but there are plans to support ongoing development by adding premium features in the future.

Do I retain the rights to my games on Screentop?

You retain full copyright of your games and can delete them at any time.

When does a room expire?

A room will automatically expire after two days. For campaigns or play sessions, you can star a room to prevent expiration.

How do I create a custom dice / counter?

Just assign an asset to your dice and make sure that the asset's total number of cells (Rows x Columns) is larger than the dice's Sides or couner's Size.

Help! How do I...?

Join our Discord community for help and support.


How do I multiselect?

There are three ways to multiselect.

Action Shortcut Description
Select All Control + A Select all sibling objects
Select Add Shift + Click Add a single object to selection
Select Toggle Control + Click Toggle (add / remove) object(s) from selection

Note: You can only multiselect objects of the same component.

How do I shuffle?

Multiselect and press Z.

How do I move objects between surfaces?

While dragging, press 1 ... 5 to switch surfaces.