Controls and Shortcuts


Action Shortcut Description
Select All Control + A Select all sibling objects
Select Add Shift + Click Add a single object to selection
Select Toggle Control + Click Toggle (by adding or removing) objects from selection
Clear Selection Esc Remove all objects from selection


Action Shortcut
Flip Tile F
Roll Die F
Increment Counter F
Decrement Counter Shift + F
Rotate Clockwise R
Rotate Counterclockwise Shift + R
Lock / Unlock L
Inspect Hold Space + Hover

Mutliselect Interaction

Action Shortcut Description
Shuffle Z Shuffle objects
Reverse X Reverse objects
Shift Top ] Shift the top object to the bottom
Shift Bottom [ Shift the bottom object to the top


Action Shortcut
Pan (W / A / S / D) or Wheel
Zoom (+ / -) or (Control + Wheel)
Rotate E / Q
Reset 0
Switch to Surface 1 ... 5

Mac Keyboards

For Mac users, the controls above are the same except with:

  • Control = Command
  • Wheel = Swipe